Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fall In Love

First Affections are the purest and strongest, and if such feelings are met with corresponding feelings and impressions, they are not easily effaced from the mind.

Falling In Love
"Falling in Love" is an expression which is commonly made use of, but it is an expression which is not altogether admirable.

Love steals upon the feminine heart...

Numerous and various causes may be mentioned as tending to a person's 'falling in love'. The female heart is generally soft and tender and is easily susceptible of emotions, which are soon awakened, and wrought upon by flattery and praise.

Impressions are very quickly formed on the mind of a young female, which are not easily effaced; and at once she gives up her heart to him who has been the cause of awakening those feelings in her mind.

Love steals upon the feminine heart giving a glow and brightness to what was before obscure and dim.

The Requisites most essential in a lover are:
  • An agreeable person
  • accomplished manners
  • sweetness of temper and disposition
  • free from levity and anything
  • bordering on the ridiculous
  • an unblemished reputation
  • a mind stored with virtuous principle
With a partner of this kind, none need fear to venture upon the stream of matrimony.

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